Friday, August 27, 2010

Talking Twaddle

Park your car in the Fire Service car park because the petrol station is grid locked with camper vans, come back two minutes later with a newspaper and a bottle of juice and an idiot Ffireman is photographing your numberplate.

There obviously wasn't enough room for his "appliance".


Tessa said...

It lives! It breathes! It blogs! Or has a bot inherited your corporeal essence? Whatever. Welcome back.

Arabella said...

A Welsh fireman?

Anyway, time to gently peel back the foil and celebrate your return with an only slightly past its sell by date teacake.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I trust they don't have the power to fine. By the way, anyone know what has become of Jimmy Bastard? His blog seems to have fallen off the side of the planet.

garfer said...

The typo king lives. Welshish firemen put out fires with leeks and Max Boyce, its true. Jimmy Bastard was a wee Govan scrote, we had to bury him in a concrete overcoat.