Thursday, September 16, 2010


Look, being the Pope is well great, you get to ride about in a big car with a hat. Wii and everything. I don't know what the Wii's for, but you can't blame me for that. I'm 86, if some Cardinal tells me that there's a wee facility in the Papal Chariot I'll wee while playing Wii Watersports.

That Paisley was over today wearing his stupid hat, pah. I beat him at Wii Bowling and he's never got over it, loser

I wish that Bhudda fellah was still about, he was a sour loser at the Crown Green Bowling but he always smiled about it.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Why am I bored by the inane? It's not as though there's anything wrong with inanity, I've tried it myself and have been quite adept at conjuring up the spirits of "I banged my leg on the coffee table today and I hate my boss" animus that is the secret of Facetwat.

434 friends? Take 21. You know, this used to be fun.