Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ooh La La

The first year I can really remember (well, bits of it anyway) is 1972. I remember April because it was my birthday and I went to the Odeon with my best mate Rajiv and watched ‘the Jungle book’. We had enough change left to visit Mr Penney’s sweet shop afterwards and stock up on essential supplies.

In other respects 1972 wasn’t so good. The windows used to rattle every time the IRA rabble exploded another bomb and the pavements were covered in dog turds that for some inexplicable reason turned white after a couple of days. Odd that.

I’d like to claim that I was a huge Faces fan at the time, but in truth I was more likely to be groovin’ on down to Pinky and Perky singing ‘White Christmas’.

I’ll never forgive Rod Stewart for breaking up the Faces. He was lead vocalist with this wonderful, wonderful band and he chose to trade them in for some frilly blouses, a pair of leopard skin trousers and a Lamborghini Miura. Rarely has a man with such an immaculate talent prostituted himself so completely..

At its best this music is about generosity of spirit. The Faces took what their audience gave them and threw it back to them with bells on. Other bands have done something similar but, with the possible exception of the Clash, nobody has done it better.


Arabella said...

Spot on.
And after watching that: goose bumps, lifted spirit and a bit weepy.

garfer said...

They always looked and sounded like they'd just been dragged out of the pub, which in fairness they usually had been.

There's a vid of them doing 'three button hand me down on YouTube.


First Nations said...

too true. stewart was so much easier to take when he wasn't a prancing mullet in tartan.

Betty said...

I don't suppose an ego the size of Rod's was ever going to be contained in a band, even if they were really good. Plus, he started hanging out with Britt Eckland and wearing satin hotpants and eyeshadow, didn't he?

Arabella said...

Didn't The Faces have an actual bar on stage with them toward the end?

garfer said...

It wouldn't suprise me in the slightest.

Large brandy and ports all round.


S.I.D. said...

Good group, and yes Rod's a twat.

Rowan said...

nice memory, I'm young enough to have never heard their music I think...unless I have and haven't realized it... :( sorry.

M said...

I didn't realise that he sang that song. So he's always had a raspy voice. hmm. :-)

M said...
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