Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Positively Fourth Street

I don't know why she had to pick on me.

She could have chosen from any number of well heeled rugger buggers and trust fund Adonis aesthetes. I suppose it just proves that being a hangdog Ingmar Bergman loving cynic with a copy of T S Eliot's Four Quartets protruding from your jacket pocket does have its advantages.

Julie had a problem. She'd had surgery as one of her breasts was bigger than the other. The operation had gone wrong and she'd been left with extensive scarring. This wasn't a problem as far I was concerned, but it was definitely a problem for her.

We went places in her hand painted pink Mini. It was an interesting eight weeks, and then she buggered off to drama school. I haven't seen hide nor hair of her since.

She was a cracking bird and I wish her well, on the whole.


betty said...

Hmm. Enigmatic.

I dunno how many women prefer well heeled rugger buggers. Ingmar Bergman is an Ingmar Bergman-loving cynic but he seems to have had his fair share of birds.

garfer said...

The well heeled rugger bugger buggers do well with the blonde bimbos.

They all attended public schools, are solicitors, and drive BMW's.

May they rot in hell.

jungle jane said...

Yikes - well done for not allowing your masculinity to be threatened by not only being in a pink mini, but by being in the passenger seat to boot.

garfer said...

Yes, and it was hand painted.

The horror.

Arabella said...

Oh thank God. When I saw the picture I feared you'd bought a pink Mini.

garfer said...

Credit me with some taste Arabella.

I did have a purple Beetle once.

MJ said...

Where are the pics of men with three testicles?

You promised us pics of men with three testicles over at Betty's.


garfer said...

Typical, I go to the effort of posting and all you want to see is pictures of testicles.

Go see piggy and tazzy. They have four and are very proud of them.

MJ said...

That's four more than you.

garfer said...

Ooh er Missus!

My nads (or lack of them) is none of your concern.

MJ said...

Put it in verse and I'll think about something else, then.