Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arrivals and Departures

Long distance relationships are simultaneously a good and bad idea. The good lies in the anticipation and the joy of meeting; that intensity of union that you just can't find after sitting on the sofa of an evening inhaling Pringles, vin rouge, and watching crap on TV.

The bad is the drift that comes from being apart, and it's dangers. I can't trust Jane and she can't trust me. We are equals in our wariness having been in this place before but are, for the time being at least, airline junkies meeting and parting everywhere from London to Toulouse to Saigon.

It makes a change from the railway terminals of yesteryear and the views are better. We are circling each other, sure and yet unsure that so much undone can be remade.

I think Plato had it right with his Theory of Forms. I'm not sure if I have, but it is possible to be bamboozled twice by a girl with a Philosophy Degree and a keen appreciation of the absurdity of the human condition.

Believe me, they don't come much more absurd than us. We're stepping in the same river twice, which is impossible. Except it's not the same river, and the water's lovely.


KAZ said...

Very Graham Greene - or do I mean John le Carre or perhaps Trevor Howard.
Anyway - I wish you both lots of luck.

MJ said...

There are no flights in or out of Buttfuck, Saskatchewan.

Just letting you know.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

But there are so few desirable people out there - being faithful is dead easy I find.

too easy. I think my long-distance relationship is in danger of taking my goodness for granted!

; -)

garfer said...


My airmiles are almost exhausted. It'll probably be Havana next, or Phnom Penh.


I haven't been to Buttfuck, Saskatchewan but the brochure looks nice.


Indeed, it's the only thing that keeps us close to the straight and narrow.

Jimmy Bastard said...

You have to ask yourself if the woman in question is worthy of all this recent heartache.

I think we both already know the answer to that one, otherwise being male you would be out on the lash instead of blogging about it.

Follow your heart pal, and good luck to you and your's.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm in a long distance marriage, which is even more fun. For what's it worth, you have my sympathy. Nothing else though, I'm mean that way.