Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blogging Purdah

French Exchange

Tracey emigrates:

Carla immigrates:

This may be the perfect heterosexual male fantasy, the one where you wake up to Carla Bruni serenading you with the Gallic version of 'Sweet Home Alabama' played on your trombone.

Personally I'm not convinced. Maybe it's the face like a melted welly, the bosomy Turkish Cypriot chest, or the obsession with Margate (or seaside resorts generally) that appeals.

Tracey doesn't want to pay 50% tax on her earnings that exceed £150,000 per annum (since she got successful and stopped stealing toilet rolls). Nothing wrong with that, neither would I. It could be a rash decision though. As my mate Alex marooned in Toulouse says, and I quote: "French women all have fucking rods up their arses; to look at them you'd think that smiling was undignified".

She teaches English as a Foreign Language.

Someone has to.


EmmaK said...

It's always been a bit of mystery why in interviews they always say 'oh Tracey Emin is very attractive' - is there something i'm missing here or is it cos i'm not male. pray explain!

MJ said...

Carla Bruni would look smashing sucking on a pot noodle.

KAZ said...

I quite warm to Tracy - but that chin is just too Jimmy Hill.
You were kidding about Carla I suppose.

garfer said...


Tracey has a certain animus, a wonky featured clumsiness, and a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

What's not to like?


Carla would look good in a teeny weeny polka dot bikini.


Chinism is as vile as racism. I'm planning to grow a goatee, which will make me popular in socialist circles.

EmmaK said...

I have a certain animus but I don't make shitloads of money by creating 'art' by auctioning off my tampon strewn messy bed. Gotta hand it to her she's got chutzpah!

Anonymous said...

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