Saturday, February 10, 2007

Star Trekking Across the Universe

Let’s face it, Star Trek, in all its various incarnations was utter keek (apart from Uhuru, obviously).

The original consisted mainly of polystyrene rocks and Kirk wrestling with monsters that were a bit slow on their feet and weren’t very scary at all. Then there was the ‘tribbles’ episode. Need I say more?

The Next Generation was even worse; most episodes consisting of tedious conversations between Picard and Mr Data. Talk about a snoreathon. Admittedly the Borg turned up once in a while to liven things up a bit, but that was just an intermission in a sea of tediousness.

Voyager was equally dire. 7 of Nine in a skin-tight leotard was mildly diverting in a vaguely sexual kind of way, but apart from that it was wall to wall conversations and holo deck tediousness.

I didn’t even bother watching Enterprise.

If only they’d allowed the Scots to do it. Just think what might have been.


funny thing said...

Och, Cap'n.

I agree, Data would have been immeasurably more interesting with a Tayside accent. heh heh:)

S.I.D. said...

Och Aye,where's me Babel Fishy laddie?

garfer said...

Taysiders are famous for being unintelligible.

Thankfuly most of them moved to Newfoundland, thus perpetuating their unique take on English language.


Sniffy said...

How charming. Didn't understand a bloody word of it.

pissoff said...


Arabella said...

Despite all evidence to the contrary, people really do work hard at RADA.

suburban wonder said...

WTF was that? Romanian? Jaysus, that's broad.

Fun to listen to, though.

Kyahgirl said...

OMG, is that what you sound like Garfer?
I'll need a Universal Translater when I come to Scotland. ...or was that just a gadget off of Star Trek?

First Nations said...

i think i just had an aneurism.

M said...

Huh?? What did ye say???

Got a translation for that there Garfer?

Funny tho. :-)