Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Po Faced Liberals Gazzette

I have nothing against the Guardian per se. It is a quality newspaper with a distinguished history, and having its roots in non conformist Manchester liberalism has a much more attractive provenance than the likes of the Daily Torygraph.

Recently it has even been published in a user friendly form which combines the best of the tabloid and broadsheet formats. This makes it eminently practical for reading on public transport (not that I travel on public transport as this is reserved for students, dolescum, and crumblies).

My problem with the Guardian is its readership. The public sector, students, and ex hippy communist environmentalists adore the Guardian. They can be observed in Starbucks nodding sagely over their skinny lattes as they devour the latest polemic from George Monbiot. George is always right about everything at all times, and isn't slow to castigate anyone who fails to concur with his world view.

The Guardianista are just irritating. Personally I would like to mug a few, just to prove that a liberal is someone who hasn't been kneed in the groin and had their wallet stolen yet.

* Oh, happy Valentines (apart from Guardian readers). No, I didn't get any either.


KAZ said...

As a lifelong Guardian reader and resident of Manchester I feel deeply offended by this post.
I shall either cancel my subscription to the Guardian or to Tunnock's Teacakes.
I think it will have to be the latter as I can buy the Guardian locally for 30p.

(X = Valentine's kiss)

garfer said...

You should have given that rag up years ago since they decamped dahn sarf and came over all London centric.

Southern softies.

MJ said...

I have no bone to pick with either the Guardian or Tunnock's Teacakes.

But what I'd like to know, is where is Garfy going to put that kiss from Kaz?

garfer said...

I think that X is intended as a Glasgow kiss (head butt).

Sniffy said...

I fucking hate Guardian readers; stuck up bunch of twats. It's the way they're almost evangelical about it and hang on every last semicolon as absolute truth.

I detest the sneering snobbery of its columnists with their oh so clever and sarcastic view of the world. These people are no better than your average blogger, yet they are given credibility by virtue of publication of their drivel in the national press.

It says something about the state of our public broadcasting that the BBC only advertises for positions in the Guardian.

garfer said...

Strong stuff.

I read the Saturday Guardian but I usually give it a miss during the week. Reading any one newspaper all the time gives you a warped world view.

Apparently the Guardian could go bust as all the public sector jobs are being advertised on the Internet rather than in its telephone directory sized supplements.

Sniffy said...


I remember reading in one of the Saturday magazine articles entitled "We love the Guardian" or something, some ridiculous woman saying that she'd go without food if it was a choice between buying the Guardian and nosh.

Stupid bitch.

S.I.D. said...

I once ate a newspaper for a bet.

It was soaked in the chippy's vinegar and I was drunk.

The things one does for an onion ring.

garfer said...

Is there anything you wouldn't eat SID?

How about roasting an earthangel or three?

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I only just stopped reading the Guardian recently, having been a reader for as long as I can remember.

I've spent too long over the years laughing at all the hilarious, if unintended, typos.

garfer said...

Yes, it isn't called the Grauniad for nothing.