Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back for the Boyos.

Despite being of an unfortunate Welshish persuasion, it is undeniable that Cerys Matthews is drop dead gorgeous.

Having burnt herself out imbibing and snorting various inebriants of a legal and non legal nature she opted for rehab, moved to Nashville, got married, and dropped a couple of sprogs. This was most inconsiderate as I was available at the time and I’m sure I could have produced some suitable lyrics for her gutsy voice. Shame that, we could have been the new Elton John and Bernie Taupin (Elton being a big girl).

Never mind, she’s back fully shorn of all Britpop appendages and has just released a
new album. I might even buy it and muse wistfully on what might have been.

Cerys may have a jaw line to rival Arnold Shwarzenegger’s but she still floats my boat.


suburban wonder said...

Wow, compared to your usual PJ Harvey and Chrissie Hynde tastes, Cerys looks, well, clean.

Harrrumph - Welshish persuasion. Harrumph, I say.

S.I.D. said...

Yes garfer,I've missed her too.

Her voice is heavenly dirty.

Betty said...

Gotta love the woman. Best British singer of the past few years - a pity that the music and songs often don't seem to match her talent.

MHN for short said...

I don't think that I've heard her music. I'll check to see if iTunes has her in the database.

MHN for short said...

heard her. she's ok.

Sniffy said...

Despite her slightly offensive accent, her voice is rather delish. She gives me rrrrrrrroooooooad rrrraaage!

Rowan said...

thanks for introducing me to both this fine lady and the ugly poet.