Tuesday, June 24, 2008


All blogging relationships are vicarious by nature.

Some of us have met, but mostly we are connected by nothing more than cables. Strangely that can make our relationships more intimate, sometimes divulging things which we normally wouldn't in face to face encounters. In that sense blogging is valuable, particularly in its international context. We become aware of the circumstances of other peoples lives and discover that whatever the distances that separate us we are made from the same crooked warp and weft.

I have never experienced tragedy. Nobody close to me has ever died; the things that have caused depressive phases are piffling compared to bereavement.

Rowan's loss is almost unimaginable. Although we lost touch, I feel her loss deeply.


EmmaK said...

For me I enjoy blogging friendships because they are incredibly low maintenance... you just log on when you feel like it and don't have to do your bit and listen for hours to your real life friends like when the lover has left etc.

I am always aware of the bitter side of blogging too...I have been surprised by how many people make up stuff on their blogs and I don't respect those that do.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Over time, I think a lot of us lost touch with Rowan. I'm not quite sure how it happened either.

But you're right. We feel her loss too. As I suspect a great many do.

KAZ said...

I don't know Rowan - but this is a lovely thoughtful post.