Saturday, May 23, 2009

Suffer the Little Children

I am compelled to devote another post to poetry given that the last one, despite my hymn of praise to Miss Dolly Parton, produced a non-existent response from all but the most ardent poetastic adepts.

It can't be helped I suppose: most of us are brought up reading the back of the Kellogg Cornflakes packet as the clock hurries us and the egg timer clicks away our tomorrows. I could draw attention to Byron's proto rock star tendencies or Burns' shag 'n' tell propensities, but it wouldn't make any difference.

I quite like: this

I can't quite bring myself to post the video (embedding disabled by request) as nobody would watch it. And quite right too.


MJ said...

I quite enjoyed your last post...I just didn't have anything to add.

Back to this post...

Hoor. Rhymes with moor.

garfer said...

And ennui rhymes with pee.


KAZ said...

I simply can't read that without a shudder.
I remember the horrifying details coming out at the trial - around the same time as we won the World Cup.