Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bald Nobrained Pricks

Apparently you can't join the BNP unless you are a white Caucasian. I suppose this is intellectually consistent given that their membership consists of no necked *Neanderthals who like nothing better than to tuck into a nice curry while berating Pakistanis and assorted other non whitey scum.

I'm rather puzzled how a political party which denies membership to people on the basis of the colour of their skin can call itself democratic. As for splashing pictures of Spitfires all over their campaign literature, this suggests they aren't aware that a lot of these were piloted by Poles - a nationality that they regard as Polack scum nicking our jobs.

These people like to congregate and sing SS Marching songs, which would be utterly risible if there weren't people in this country stupid enough to vote for them.

* This is unfair to Neanderthals who, despite their deficiencies in the neck department, probably loved their old mums and didn't support Millwall.


Madame DeFarge said...

It's enough to make me want to throw eggs in a democratic display of disgust.

MJ said...

Perhaps, like the Neanderthals, they will become extinct.

Mopsa said...

The current guff about is that disaffected Labour voters chose the BNP instead....how does that work then? I can hear the inner workings:
"Hmm...I'm a socialist who thinks Brown and his fellow toffs have forgotten why they were voted in in the first place. Let's look at my options. Ohh, yes, I've always had a grudging fancy for a fascist - I know, I'll vote BNP"...". Bollocks. And in the name of tolerance (sic), I'd remove the vote from anyone who voted BNP. But then, intolerance is looking very popular these days.

Jimmy Bastard said...

In my younger, slightly more wilder days, I can remember briefly listening to a fool in a bar in Manchester, telling me all about the "dirty immigrants" invading Britain.

When he eventually regained conciousness, it was pointed out to him that my own family had immigrated across the Irish Sea some years before.

I'm sure he still remembers me everytime he goes to blow his nose.

KAZ said...

I was delighted to hear about yesterday's egg throwing incident with the BNP leader.
But later I thought - 'Eggs are too good for him - what's wrong with sulphuric acid ?'
Those eggs could have made me a nice omelette.

Arabella said...

I've just re-stocked my supply of cockroach-killer for the season. I am willing to donate it to a higher cause.

Yer English fascist parades around in a 'wife-beater'. Yer Hungarian fascist gets a shmancy shirt with armbands and a gun and everything. Terrible thing, small mercies...

garfer said...


Stink bombs would suffice.


Perhaps, but perhaps we should club them to death just to be on the safe side.


Never underestimate the stupidity of the public. It's the first rule of politics.


Aye, fleeing famine. Seems like a fair enough reason to emigrate.


Being a chemist I'm sure you could brew up some suitably vile concoctions.


At least Oswald Mosley had reasonable dress sense. When he wasn't wearing his comical mini Mussolini me garb that is.

Anonymous said...

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