Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Dundee Donkey

Probably the greatest voice to come out of these islands since, well, St Patrick who was apparently an adept at the comb harp. Hats off to Billy Whizz:

Poor Billy was dropped by his record company, who by way of compensation offered to pay for his cab ride 'home'. Billy's home wasn't round the corner in Soho, it was Dundee. Consequently he hailed a cab and said "Dundee driver please".

Sheer class

He was a whippet loving depressive who unfortunately chose to hang himself in his fathers garden shed. What a loss.

I mentioned a Dundee Donkey in this post because I play Sunday football with a Dundonian called Ronnie. He's a Long Shlong Silver with varicose veins who refreshes himself with a couple of Regals at half time.

Jam, Jute, and D C Thompson: some things never change.


KAZ said...

Football Garfer?
On Sunday morning?
I didn't know you were a sober, clean living athlete.

Betty said...

Good shout out to the wonderful Billy Mackenzie. The first two Associates albums are great and overlooked and their performances on TOTP are among the finest.

FirstNations said...

I found a dead cat in my shed once. As far as I know it wasn't a musical cat and there were no taxicabs involved.

garfer said...


Athlete is not the word, but I can still dribble in a convincingly hungover fashion.

Next year we'll be in the zimmer league.


Unique voice.


You've been at the magic mushrooms again. I suggest a long lie down in a darkened room.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Poor Billy indeed. He even lost the shirt off his back by the look of it.

Seriously I am sure he had much more musical mileage left in him. The record company must have been mad.