Monday, December 18, 2006

I Hate Soduko

The all seeing, all knowing, psychologists have been cracking open the Krug recently

Proffesor Dimwit from the University of Bognor Regis managed to get his name in every quality newspaper in the country by revealing his stunning insight that women talk more than men. Why it should take a psychologist using empirical methodology to state the bleedin' obvious is frankly beyond me. All men know that women talk more: that's why we sit in the corner, quietly humming to ourselves.

It's not a question of vocabulary. Some of us have swallowed several dictionaries, but do not feel the need to play Scrabble on a regular basis in order to prove our familiarty with obscure words.

I've often wondered if it's possible to get the word 'Lysergicaciddiathilimide' on a scrabble board. Across a few triple and double sqaures it would rival solving Feormat's Last Theorem as a terminal nerds feather in the cap moment.

And no, I don't watch Countdown.


Arabella said...

Phew - out of breath dashing over to your gaff; welcome back.
I've been in the word trade, one way or another, for decades and I can't play scrabble for toffee. Soon as I have to compete, all knowledge evaporates to be expelled by way of my ears.
Shame really because I like the little squares.

Anonymous said...

Lysdkjlkketc... - is that Welsh? 'Cause it's fucking long and impossible to pronounce, which means Welsh to me.

I am a Scrabble hound. I have the deluxe edition, the basic edition, and the travel edition. I was whooping the WCM's scrabble arse hours after giving birth to Miss Peanut, thanks to that travel edition.

MHN for short said...

Some stupid woman psychiatrist stated the same, that women talk more. She accused our hormones and sex drive.

She's a blooming idiot!
(said of course, by a smart woman AND not using near as many words as she did.)

Convict said...

Women talk more than men because we've learned not to interrupt.

Welcome back Garfer.

garfer said...

Lyser...etc is the full term for LSD.

You've obviously led a sheltered life Bronners.

First Nations said...


*doing happy dance*
*but not singing, because that's like talking, and I don't talk much, really, in fact people complain; they say 'you know it's impossible to tell whats on your mind because you hardly say a thing' and i have to admit that yes, i could be described as being quiet, taciturn, mute almost.*

S.I.D. said...

Welcome back Garfy legs.

You were missed.

Suduko players should have their pencils sharpened and inserted into their nearest darkest orifice.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sheltered. That's me.

Sniffy said...

I always get twatted when playing scrabble. And then I throw a tantrum.

You may think it's bad being a man trying to get a word in in a male/female relationship. Imagine how bad it is for those in a female/female one instead.

I love Garfer being back, I have missed him terribly.