Saturday, December 30, 2006

The trouble with stuff.

Is that I'm coming down with it.

I'm not talking Ferraris and minor royalty here: it's just that I seem to be drowning in discarded video game cases, odd socks, and semi read paperbacks that just haven't managed to get a grip.

I suppose I could have a spring clean. Then again, I wouldn't be content without the detrius of my life spilling about my person. A clean white prison of well ordered normalcy doesn't appeal somehow. Maybe I could donate a few dog eared books and inadvisable trouser purchases to one of the legion of charity shops. I'm sure the £3 raised would cure some afflicted infant somewhere.

I've decided on my New Year resolution. I shall collect all the small change that I usually lose down the back of the sofa and contribute it to a charity of any poor deluded readers choice. Come to that, I'll contribute some trousers.

I'm sure it'll be easier than giving up smoking.


suburban wonder said...

Inadvisable trouser purchases, eh? Just what sort of trousers are you purchasing, anyway? Tartan?

Rowan said...

charity? how about the sally ann, that's where I donate to, or you could do the heart and stroke or diabetes foundations.

The salvation army is my first choice though, because they not ONLY help the sick/dying, they help those in need at this horrible time of year especially.

I too need to get rid of paperbacks...holy crow...I had no idea I read so mcuh.