Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'll have what she's having mate.

I imagine every culture must produce a food that just doesn't travel. It is unique to its home environment; usually because no one in the rest of the world would dream of putting it in their mouth.

The Chinese are definitely top banana when it comes to eating the inedible. Deep fried chicken feet sir? Perhaps a lightly boiled Yak penis (full of meaty goodness) served on a bed of stinky tofu? Lovely.

The British and Irish come a close second to their oriental chums. Admittedly such culinary delights as tripe 'n' onions are rarely on the menu these days, but the mushy pea still reigns supreme as the ultimate accompaniment to fish 'n' chips.

I just can't get enough of their putrid green radioactive goodness. Why we need to spend billions on a nuclear deterrent when we have these beauties available beats me. Strap me to a warhead and the Iranians will be begging for mercy.


Reg Pither said...

A truly excellent footstuff! Alone among chip shop fodder, it comes out exactly as it went in.
Thick, oniony gravy takes some beating, however, and, away from Cod-U-Like, the black pudding is my personal king of kings!

garfer said...

Curry sauce as served with chips in Scotland is the business. It must have a glutinous texture sufficient for the wooden fork supplied to stand upright unaided.

KAZ said...

I used to hide behind the settee when my grandma ate tripe and onions. I still have nightmares.

But there's nothing beats mushy peas and a potato scollop!

MJ said...

Canada has poutine. The holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds

By the way, I’ve been challenged to try mushy peas for the first time and would have been noshing on them today had I not been struck down by a fever. I’ll visit the restaurant and make my report as soon as possible.

Although this photo has put me off.

suburban wonder said...

MJ, poutine is foul. It is a veritable trifecta of foulness. How can you stomach that crap?

Garfy, mushy peas are, well, nasty. I enjoy my peas whole, fresh, hot, and lightly buttered. A little salt and pepper wouldn't go amiss, either.

I enjoy cheese, crumbled crunchy bacon, and green onion on my FRIES.

garfer said...


What's a potato scollop? Sounds a bit hoity toity to me.


Poutine sounds like a particularly nasty STD.
Mushy peas are nicer than they look, honestly.


Kindly refrain from speaking ill of what ye know not.

MJ said...

Yes, you're right.

It's almost as nasty as SID.

garfer said...

But much better looking.

MJ said...

Touché, Garfy!

Caution: Eating poutine will cause your arse to become as fat and lumpy as SID's.

Arabella said...

Ooooo mushy peas. Love them miss them.
Pea fritters (pronounced "pay")don't travel well outside the Black Country rather in the way that pink wine is always a bit of a let-down once you leave the Loire valley.

Malc said...

Grey peas (pronounced payz) and bacon. Funny they've never spread further than the Black Country.

garfer said...

Haute Cuisine is a bit lardyda for the Black Country.

I can't imagine Slade knocking back the rose wine.

Betty said...

Grey payz have to be cooked for about a month, which is probably why they've never travelled further than the Black Country.

Sorry, you seem to have been ganged up on by people from the Midlands here.

garfer said...

Too right. I'll be flattening my vowels at this rate.

Arabella said...

Yoe doe need tu wuree. Weem frendlee loik, ay we Betty, an ower Malc?

KAZ said...

Potato scollops are the poor person's fish as in fish and chips.

Instead of chucking a piece of cod in the deep fry they substitute a slice of potato.

Absolutely delicious.

Glad to be of service.
Anything else you need to know?

garfer said...

I need to know how to keep Brummies at bay.

They'll be forcing me to listen to Black Sabbath next.

suburban wonder said...

I've had mushy peas from the can - they sell them like that here. Do they count? And I've had poutine in Canada (all authentic like).

I stand by my statements.

garfer said...

Mushy peas from the can are fine.

You are a heathen Yankee in need of conversion.

Peevish McSnark said...

Boo. It's me. I had to change my name and hide from all the students that found me. Bastards.

Convert me to the mushy pea followers, then, and invite me over. Although, curry sauce sounds infinitely tastier.

Mopsa said...

Yummeee - I came to these only fairly recently - I didn't realise what I was missing. Every chunk of haddock should have some.