Wednesday, March 05, 2008

At This Time

I love the United States, I love the brusque politeness, I love the easy provison of victuals and water.

I have developed a serious addicton to Snapple Grapeade.

What annoys me is the use of the phrase "this service is not available at this time."

When will the service be available? The Big Bang? The second coming of Christ?

It's hard to tell.


Peevish McSnark said...

"Sometime around the second Tuesday of next week" is the usual reply. Or "how about Never. Does Never work for you?"

You must imagine these responses being delivered in a brisk Brooklyn accent, of course, to really give them the elan they deserve.

MJ said...

Just remember it was grape Kool-Aid that killed 'em all at Jonestown.

They WANT you to get hooked on it.

FirstNations said...

she has a point.
yes, first its the novelty purple moustache and tongue and you're all 'look! look' and its all a big laugh.....and then the stomach cramps start. of course they target the obvious tourists first..

i do hope you haven't been speaking with..

a foreign...accent...

of any kind,
have you?

.....oh dear.

MJ said...

Speaking of the Big Bang, were you anywhere near Times Sqaure in the wee small hours of the morning?

KAZ said...

Are you still there?
Actually were you ever?

garfer said...

Yes, I am back.

And no, of course I wasn't there. I am an insomniac fantasist who likes to post at 4 am.

Have a bagel on me.