Monday, March 10, 2008

Proper Nosh

Having overdosed on bagels the size of my head, consumed eggs Benedict on muffins roughly the size of Yorkshire, and discovered that the American for 'regular' translates as 'try and swallow that lot without exploding like Mr Creosote', I have returned to the joys of this postage stamp sized island and a howling gale.

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow doesn't bear much resemblance to 5th Avenue, but it is good to hear incomprehensible Glaswegians shouting 'get tae fuck' at innocent passers by. It warms the cockles of me old heart.

Having overdone the calories I decided that the best thing to do on my return was to eat some proper food.


And no, Americans can't make tea.


MJ said...

Did you notice how everything in the US is super-sized?

Not just the meal portions with their "super size fries" but everything has to bigger than anyone else's.

For example: Super Tuesday; Super Bowl; Superman.

Peevish McSnark said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch...

So where are the beans? And is that 3 pieces of toast? WTF?

Mopsa said...'ve been enjoying Lucy Mangan in NY too...I want to SEE one of those bagels the size of my own head.

The Frumplingtons said...

If that's a photo of proper Glasgow food, how come it's not been deep fried in three inches of batter?

garfer said...


yes, although I much prefer the full word superlative myself. Which of course I am, in all respects.


That is not toast, that is proper artery clogging fried bread. Yer can't beat it


yes, the Mangan was in NY at the same time as me, although our paths did not cross. Shame that, as I would have enjoyed telling her how much I enjoy disemboweling Guardian readers.


That is actually an Ulster fry, which is similar in its health giving properties to Glasgow fare.

KAZ said...

What's that quarter of a thingy? It would be nice with marmalade.

re previous - I meant were you ever all there. I didn't doubt that you had travelled to NY...... Perhaps I should shut up now.

garfer said...

That 'quarter of a thingy' is white Irish soda bread.

It may be lightly toasted and spread with butter and marmalade, but is much nicer fried, prefererably in lard.

nb Marks and sparks sell it.

Malc said...

A slice each of black and white pudding would help.

garfer said...

As long as it was Stornoway black pudding.

Not so sure about the white pudding.

pissoff said...

Black pudding is just shit on a plate if you ask me - which you haven't but I thought I'd share my thoughts nonetheless.

Mmmmmm soda bread. Love it. When I was a wee lass I back packed around N Ireland for a month and ate nothing but.... Ahhhh, the good ole days.

garfer said...

Soda bread is easy to make if you're that way inclined.

Google and I'm sure you'll find a recipe.

I hate sushi.

pissoff said...

You sinner Garf... how could such filth come from your mouth. Sushi is the food of the gods.

garfer said...

Slimy, slimy,slimy.

And that's that.

FirstNations said...

fried up breakfastyness...mmmmmm etc.

fry them maters facedown in some bacongrease and there you go.

FirstNations said...

..the maters, not the cook. facedown in bacongrease, you know.

never mind.

garfer said...

Yup, the bacongrease is essential. Crispy delightfulness.

Crazyrivergirl said...

Tattie scones...Yum!