Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vote Borrock

Far be it for me to attempt to sway Americans in their voting intentions, but I do feel that they will be making a grave error if they fail to support the political aspirations of Barack Obama.

Barack would definitely get my vote. I believe the correct pronunciation of his name is 'Borrock Obawma', a moniker that frankly sends shivers down my spine. He has sticky out ears. Having suffered this affliction during my yoof I feel a strong empathy with him. Most vain politicians would pin back their wingnuts with chewing gum, but Borrock is happy to let his flap gaily in the wind. If that isn't testament to his political incorruptibility I don't know what is.

Borrock may one day stand on the White House lawn as the sun shines through his ears. They will glow like beacons and summon the friendly aliens to come park their space ships and repast on eyeggs and baycon.

Man kinds salvation stands ready and waiting. I just hope the Americans have the courage to grasp the nettle.


Betty said...

Nothing wrong with sticky out jugs. My grandad had big ears and he was one of the few relatives I actually liked, so I think fondly of the F.A. Cup look.

Besides, Will Smith is no doubt already gearing up to play him in the movie, and he won't need prosthetic ears.

garfer said...

Sticky out ears are very flickable. I have to restrain myself.

MJ said...

Ah g’won.

You just like him because he’s Irish.

MJ said...

I'll bet his wife likes to grab him by the ears and get him to perform his duties in the Presidential suite.

KAZ said...

Your post makes a valuable contribution to poltical theory. He could never turn out to be a 'Dumbo' like Gordon.

garfer said...


Pah! I am an Ulster Scot. Only dozy micks like SID have sticky out ears.


Don't diss Gordon. He is a son of the manse and a miserable bastard to boot.

FirstNations said...

yes, i must agree, i have looked upon those ears and thought to myself 'hmmmmm. handles. yeaaaaaaaaah.'

the blue states love him. Washington (state, where I live) is fricken' near about to make him Emperor For Life and move him into the damn Space Needle.

MJ said...

I'll bet Camilla uses Charles' ears as handles.

Reg Pither said...

Four more ears, four more ears!!!

garfer said...

You should be a cheerleader Reg.

I can see you waving your pom poms and shaking your booty.

Kyahgirl said...

you're a funny, funny guy garfer. Only you could make me see the relationship between ears flapping in the wind and political purity.

Stella said...

i love you. because you love Tunnocks...and OBAMA. it doesn't get any better than that.

are you in scotland?

can you score me some TUNNOCKS??

i'm craving them horribly.

husband and i were in UK last year...and i could have overdosed..seriously on those puppies.


Stella said...

can't find them anywhere!

i've combed through the entire internet i tell ya!

all the importers are SOLD OUT..or BACKORDERED...or some shyte.

besides, i dont' discriminate against FLATTENED TEA CAKES.

are you SURE you don't need any HELLMANS MAYONNAISE???