Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm so bored with the USA

Barack bleedin' Obama. Every newspaper I open has a six page spread on the big eared wunderkind and his impossibly photogenic family. Apprently he's a Frankenstein liberal cobbled together from the best bits of every successful US president from Lincoln to JFK.

OK, so he's black; but not too black. Personally I'm more impressed that the Americans are astute enough to have elected a gangly dude with big sticky out ears. Lincoln's shell likes were quite striking, and Lyndon Johnson's aural appendages virtually swept along the carpet. One wrote the Gettysburg address and the other introduced the 'Great Society'.

I'm expecting great things from bug a lugs.


Anonymous said...

It's easy to be bored when you're not a person of color.

Peevish McSnark said...

Time will tell. I voted for him, as I was heartily sick of the Republican plan for America - debt, debt, debt, with a forecast for what? More debt.

garfer said...


Obama was a no brainer. Colour didn't come in to it.

The bored reference comes from a Clash song title.


We're good at debt over here. Sometimes I think it's all we're good at.

KAZ said...

Do they still do Mad magazine?

FirstNations said...

have you noticed how, when the girl in the video opens wide to deliver a two-count the entire top of her head flips back? dang.

Sniffy said...

It's about time people with big sticky-out ears were given a positive role model. For too many years they have been subject to ridicule with no champion for their right to be on an equal footing with the rest of us. Obama will work miracles for this minority.