Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Gnomes of Zurich

Ths Swiss are famous for having lots of money, most of it acquired by making extortionately priced watches which are less accurate than a cheapo Jap quartz, chocolate, and hiding the ill gotten gains of Third World kleptocrats in their bank vaults.

I went skiing there once, and have no recollections other than being astounded by the cost of veal scnitzel and the number of beardy Hassidic Jews wandering around Zurich airport looking prosperous.

The Great and the Good are encamped at Davos at the moment, no doubt gorging themselves on canapes and attempting to feel up the Heidi lookalike chambermaids. There aren't as many bankers there this year as they are no longer regarded as great and good. So low have they fallen that they are regarded in a similar light to this feller:

Davros has not been invited to Davos either.

I imagine that the cost of this hot air jamboree would be enough to provide clean drinking water for a few million Africans, but I suppose I can't be too churlish. There's always the slim possibility that a large meteorite may strike and rid us of the shower of egotistical freeloading bastards for good.

One can but hope.


KAZ said...

At last - you've posted a picture of yourself.
Thanks Garfie.

MJ said...

For someone who drinks a lot, you're looking dehydrated.

FirstNations said...

the freaky ugly man scares me.

make the freaky ugly man GO AWAY.

garfer said...


That's me after the plastic surgery.


That's after a month in rehab.


Marry the freaky ugly man. Go on, you know it's the right thing to do.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Thats what happens to a country when they have access to snowballs but no caramel wafers.

Betty said...

Thanks for not mentioning the overplayed quote from The Third Man about five hundred years of democracy and peace only producing the cuckoo clock ...

Damn. I just mentioned it myself instead.

Anonymous said...

Wheer can I get one o' they cheap jap chocolate watches? Dae they keep tasty time?