Thursday, January 21, 2010


Watching Kenneth Branagh as Wallander last night I temporarily suspended my hatred of the man for being the worst Hamlet ever (apart from Gielgud, obviously) and remembered this:

Pure Soap Opera, but also a time capsule of life in the great triumvirate of cities: Belfast, Glasgow, and Liverpool. It's not so very long ago, but it's another world. Das, Aunties, Nans, and milk bottles with cream at the top and a silver lid. Outdoor toilets, the Racing Post, and the wee sleekit bastards that sneaked off before getting their round in.

Would I want to go back? Yes and no.

Community and a bar tab, there are worse things. Outdoor toilets and wee sleekit bastards I can do without.


Arabella said...

Ow - those weren't the days. Too much 'Parrs' and a roaring headache.

garfer said...

Aye, the past is another country.

And it can stay there so it can.

Mopsa said...

Good grief, what was THAT? Put it AWAY.

EmmaK said...

I can't remember that far back (not that old) but I suppose if I could turn back time to before internet porn/facebook I probably would even if it meant I had to breathe in a lot of smog.

garfer said...


I was a kid, so I could steal a Benson and Hedges from Uncle Gerald's packet while he was half cut watching the footie.


Away and shear something, we all knew a Billy. Actually, shear a goat.


You can't remember 1984? You obviously are a yummy mummy.

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Madame DeFarge said...

All this an financial advice too. What a superb service. And KB is dreadful as Wallander.

KAZ said...

I didn't catch this one.
Z cars lives and Branagh - what a surprise.