Friday, January 01, 2010

Mr and Mrs Scotland

The beauty of New Year in Scotland is that it stops on the 31'st and doesn't start again until the 3'rd. It's even better when the Hog coincides with a weekend. That means we get the 3'rd off as well.

Happy days.

God help us come the 4'th. Some of us will remain standing in a queasy and unconvincing manner, but at least we'll have made it.

Happy New Year.


MJ said...

Harbourfront Reading Series?

Jaysus, she's in Canada!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Happy New Garfer - I'll raise an Eccles cake in your direction (don't have a Tunnocks, sorry).

Yes, I'm back at work on 4th too.

KAZ said...

Hope you are suitably convincing tomorrow.
May I support Laura in wishing you a Happy New Garfer.
I hope MJ has one too.

Jimmy Bastard said...

How many times did you firstfoot yourself after the bells?

MJ said...

Cheers to you KAZ!