Saturday, May 20, 2006

Laughing Len, the Suicides Friend

I was surprised to learn that Prince Charles is a big Leonard Cohen fan. Having always regarded him as big eared twit stuck in a philistine 1950’s time warp, I must give him a bit of credit for his unexpected regard for the big nosed Canadian wordsmith.

Poor Leonard recently discovered that his manager (an ex lover, naturally) has embezzled his $5 million retirement fund. This should be a warning to anybody who thinks that adopting life as a contemplative Buddhist, and scoffing copious quantities of lentils and mung beans, will provide protection from shysters.

Leonard’s worldly worth now stands at a paltry $90,000. In proper British money this equates to about £65,000, which isn’t enough to buy a one bedroom flat, let alone fund a decent retirement.

Leonard will have to take his lugubrious tones out on the road again. Perhaps he could be the warm up act for McFly, or woo the navel pierced masses at Lollapalooza. Wherever he decides to perform, he is sure of a warm welcome. If the geriatric Rolling Stones can make squillions prancing around in latex, I don’t see why the urbane and elegant Leonard can’t earn enough to keep himself in lentils.

I say get gigging Leonard. If you don’t, your ‘famous blue raincoat’ will definitely end up ‘torn at the shoulder'.


MJ said...

Yay! Canadian is first!

S.I.D. said...

Yes, I can see the connection between Len and Charlie.

Wonder if Lady Die did too?

pissoff said...

I like Leonard - does that make me a twat?

Herge Smith said...

He was born with the gift of a golden voice so a team up with McFly would be appropriate.

garfer said...

No April, but it might make you a twot.

I like Leonard, but he does go on a bit.

First Nations said...

going by chuckies tastes...i think ill give this one a miss.

Arabella said...

I am surprised at Leonard.
Ex was not a Buddhist, I presume?
Shakes head feeling suddenly all worldly. For an Anglican.

Fuckkit said...


garfer said...

Whaddaya mean who?


Kyahgirl said...

aw, poor Leonard. I like him too, in small doses. Otherwise he makes me feel like jumping off a bridge.

I guess I'm a twot too.

Herge Smith said...

Are your cabins booked up all over the summer?

I'm interested in UK based low(ish) cost holidaying.

+ Can I take Dachshunds.

Sorry, a bit left field that I know.

There's a brill over of the Partisan by dreamy 'girls in glasses' art guitar band Electrelane - you should check it out - the band that is.

garfer said...

Yeah, cabins available.

Dachshunds acceptable as long as they don't chew the furniture.

Electrelane eh? Dreamy girls in specs doing interesting chord changes.

I really should start reading the NME again.

Herge Smith said...

They are lovely. As are Organ - like the children of an unholy (or holy depending on your point of view) of Robert Smith and Moz. My fav's a mo.

Can you email details/ prices etc? I'm seriously interested.

Rowan said...

thanks for that, I've got it stuck in my head now!

Now Suzanne takes your hand
And she leads you to the river
She is wearing rags and feathers
From Salvation Army counters ....

Actually, a lil while back, I watched an HBO special on Cohen and they somehow tracked down THE Suzanne in Montreal. Apparently she met him again years later and he refused to acknowledge her presense....aparently ashamed to know her. Thought that was sad despite she actually did seem utterly

I like Leonard Cohen too, so sue me!