Sunday, January 07, 2007


I Like cars. I like fast cars. I like driving fast cars fast. Miraculously I've never had an endorsement on my driving license; until yesterday that is.

I was happily trundling along at 90mph on a 60mph speed limit road when I noticed a flashing blue light in my rear view mirror. I was nicked, banged to rights, collared by the long arm of the law.

It wasn't a local copper. They don't pay much attention to speeding, preferring to spend their time bird watching and playing cards. It's just my luck that a woolie suit had been drafted in to cover for one of the locals.

Now I can look forward to a fixed penalty notice and a fat fine. Not the best of starts to the New Year.

Oh well, never mind.


Convict said...

Have a look at pepipoo, there may be a technicality that would get you off.

S.I.D. said...

And the points,lest we forget the points?

Or don't you have them there?

You should have said you didn't realise what speed you were doing as you were pissed at the time.


UnderCrackers said...

I thought that when you got points it was typed up all lovely maybe in red or something..but no...some admin bod just writes on your license in biro. I shit you not!

Arabella said...

I was a bit worried about Convict advising you to "look at pepipoo", fearing it might be some sort of German child-rearing method. But I googled and it isn't so that's good.
Mind how you go.

Sniffy said...


They should abolish all speed limits above 60mph.

When I got my one speeding fine, it was indeed written on my licence in biro. You pay £60 and they can't even be bothered to spend any of that fine on printing.

I feel your pain.

Trump said...

I'm with you. I also got 3 points and a special biro scribble on my licence just last week. Not even the decency to put it in proper print that I'm a felon.