Saturday, December 08, 2007

American Teeth

I don't know when British Television news ceased to be a fount of world class journalism and decided that flashing white gnashers was what the public really wanted.

Kate Silverton likes to flash her pearl likes at the camera as she announces the latest genocide in Darfur.

Natasha Kaplinsky enjoys airing her molars coquettishly as she lists the latest serial killer victims.

Christine Bleakley's* permagrin suggests that she suffers from Tourettes syndrome.

As far as I'm concerned the BBC might as well employ Ken Dodd to present the news. He's been about a bit, knows the ropes, and can emphasise points of interest with one of his tickling sticks.

It's about time some seriousness was reintroduced to this news presentation business.

*Christine isn't a newsreader, but I thought I'd include her as I fancy the pants off her.


Betty said...

Too true, none of them has the gravitas of the old newsreaders. Peter Woods; now there was a man with a face like a slapped arse.

garfer said...

Reginald Bosanquet was the nuts. Pissed as a newt, drooping jowls, and gravitas.

KAZ said...

Then there was San de Gaulle.

I wonder if those smiley women realise that they'll be sacked like Anna and Moira when they reach 45?!

garfer said...

Yes, Anna's neck went weird when she turned 45.

Even being posh totty didn't save her.

MJ said...

As the lone Canuck in the wilderness here, I have to Google all these people.

garfer said...

Serves you right for living in the frozen north and clubbing poor defenceless baby seals.

Just think of it as an opportunity to use your eh.

S.I.D. said...

Robert Dougall was king.


It's the accent isn't it?

Peevish McSnark said...


That is all.

FirstNations said...

on the other hand i somehow have always found it distracting to try and listen to the news of the latest children and nuns on fire atrocity being told by someone who looks as though they are chewing a mouthfull of spoiled hominy. of course thats me.

Reg Pither said...

"By jove missus!! What a wonderful day for shoving a thick wad of tenners up Gordon Brown's arse and saying 'how's that for a backdoor donation?'" - I don't know Garfer, it could work.
You're right, of course. I confidently predict that last week's winner of the 2.30pm at Sandown will be reading the news soon.