Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Chrimbo from Bonny Jockland

This teacake emporium is closed until further notice.

Overindulgences of a various nature and much repairing to the public house will prevent postings.

Until my return I wish all and sundry a happy Christmas. May the domes of your teacakes prosper.


KAZ said...

Happy Christmas wherever you are and I'll make do with Jaffa Cakes while you're gone!

MJ said...

From Canuckistan to the Land of Teacakes, I wish you a Happy Christmas.

Thank you for an entertaining year and here's to more wit and wisdom from Garfy in 2008!

Kaz snuck in. I was first.

Mopsa said...

All best wishes for 2008.

Anonymous said...

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Betty said...

Time to put all that decadence and overindulgence behind you and get back to the coalface of serious blogging.

Have a quiet and sober new year. You know it's good for you.

FirstNations said... hell he's gone AGAIN. don't you know what that means? it's simply code for 'fluttered off to sunny places ha ha ha like a big plaid migrating waterfowl'
*runs off crying*

Kyahgirl said...

Merry Christmas....a few weeks late.

Wishing you a 2008 filled with rivers of fine whiskey and at Teacakes that never go stale! :-)