Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1966 and all that

Having been born at the extreme fag end of the 1960's I didn't make it to San Francisco to wear some flowers in my hair. I didn't have the opportunity to drop acid with Timothy Leary, nor did I have a backstage pass to Woodstock. The nearest I got to turning on, tuning in, and dropping out was a Farleys rusk and a dummy tit.

Likewise, I missed out on Punk, being at the age where Brotherhood of Man's 'Kisses for Me' was the acme of musical cool. I didn't see the Sex Pistols at Manchester Free Trade Hall, I didn't start my own fanzine, and the nearest I got to sniffing glue was an Airfix kit.

All in all I missed out: the Smiths did provide some compensation, but the ghastly Duran Duran and assorted permed hair guitar soloists more or less ruined everything.

Of course every decade is essentially shite. As far as I can see most people in the 1960's dug coal out of the ground for a living, holidayed in Skegness, and wore nylon shirts. The food was inedible, the cars were crap, and small boys were forced to wear NHS specs and Startrite shoes. The 1960's sucked, big time.

Here's Grace Slick, who used to be a cracking bird before she got fat and old, giving her view of 1966.

The other bad thing about 1966 was England winning the World Cup, an achievement they haven't had the good grace to shut up about since.

I suppose this was OK.

Not much else was.


KAZ said...

So you're the one who pinched my Revolver album.

'drop acid'..I used to synthesise the stuff in the lab.

But - yes, most of it was crap.

garfer said...

Who needs Stolly when you can synthesise LSD?

MJ said...

Hey, isn't that the year Perry Como released his "Perry Como in Italy" LP?

garfer said...

It may also have been the year that the great Val Doonican wowed the world with 'Paddy Maginty's Donkey', but I'm not sure.

I think Canadians had finally learned how to speak in sentences by 1966.

Peevish McSnark said...

I wasn't even a twinkle in my father's eye in 1966.

FirstNations said...

...please tell me I'm not the oldest one here.

*pops '13th Floor Elevators' on the turntable and lights up the Nag Champa*

garfer said...


No doubt all was twinkly by 1967


You are the venerable elder. We bow before thee oh ancient one.

Peevish McSnark said...

Pfft, nothing was twinkly until 1969 - I wasn't born until halfway thru 1970, you know. The 60s are a mystery to me - full of psychedelic, acid-dropping, tuned-out, long-haired, hygiene-deficient hippie freaks. Not that the 70s were all that much better.

And I loved Duran Duran...

garfer said...

Arrrrgh! A Duranie.

FirstNations said...

the sixties were awesome. where i lived they lasted all the way up until about '73. yeah, it was all macrame and free love, baby. *does Pony*

Vicus Scurra said...

Grace Slick is, and has always been, gorgeous. Go ask Alice.