Saturday, August 30, 2008


My Great Aunt Maggie almost married a man who was "deciding how to spend my money!": but she didn't. This was a sensible decision, a fine display of rationality that had unfortunate repercussions for both herself and my uncles.

It wasn't that big a house, but it was Georgian: nicely proportioned; with a brook, and bells for the servants. Time had settled there, and the accretions of generations expanding their demesne had leant the place a reassuring solidity: clocks ticked, cornices crumbled, the anti antimacassars had less and less call for laundering.

Maggie ended up in an annex, what one would today call a granny flat. She didn't yell and flail, she carried herself magnificently even when stooped.

It was after the Great War, and most women couldn't afford to be choosy. Maggie was, and I salute her for it. She had a look about her, which my childish self saw as malevolent witchcraft.


KAZ said...

Ah spinsters - a dying breed.
I wouldn't have minded a try myself - but I settled for witchcraft.

garfer said...

Yrs, there's always been a whiff of necromancy about you Kaz.

Do you hold black masses?

Anonymous said...

I hope to end up in an annexe - alone and with all the books I need. Hell - I could go for that now.