Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Potency of Cheap Popular Music

Top tunes don't date, they don't evolve, they don't transmogrify; they remain in the cave of their making, working the dying fall.

Here are two that, if politics and ancestral hatreds are ignored, have the shared quality of yearning.

I quite like the latter because Stu is sat beneath an early 'Liquorice Allsorts' period Francis Bacon.


MJ said...

I got blasted for my last reference to Bacon.

Damned if I'm commenting on this one.

KAZ said...

Ah - "The Derriere".
mj's favoutite toon.

KAZ said...

favourite, favorite - Whatever?

garfer said...

Not commenting MJ? You're not even posting.

Liquorice Allsorts are my favourite kaz.