Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paint it Black

The Black Watch will shortly be off to Helmland Province in Afghanistan. It's probably appropriate that a regiment that was formed to prevent the Scottish Highland Clans from causing mayhem should be dispatched to wrestle with a bunch of tribal nutcases whose ingrained code of hospitality exists alongside a homicidal rage against the outsider. The code of the Pashtun has many resemblances to the code of conduct observed by the Highland Clans for centuries.

Before long we will hear the skirl of the pipes as a flag draped coffin is led up the gravel path to the doors of a Kirk. It won't be first time; it's a ritual that echoes down the centuries. War is shite, but it's what the Black Watch do.


Jimmy Bastard said...

200 proud Scots against 4000 slavering religious zealots. It hardly seems fair when you look at the odds. Maybe someone should show them the video of what happened when their pals tried to blow up Glesga Airport.

Never fuck with an angry Scotsman.

God help the raggies if we've had a drink. It'll be like an auld firm game, but without the ball.

KAZ said...

I don't suppose we'll see that video in the army recruitment adverts.

MJ said...

Who's managing them now?

Andrew Lloyd Webber?

garfer said...


Aye, ye dinnae dae that kind of stuff in oor toon.


See the world and kill people.


You Canucks should dispatch Celine Dione Bryan Adams to Afghanistan. Their first duet will have the Taliban running for the hills.

Anonymous said...