Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bob's yer uncle, unless he's called Paddy in which case he isn't.

The National Museum of Ireland.

"Is there anything interesting in here?"

"Yes, there's me, I'm interesting".

Anyhoo, I'm as pissed as a recalcitrant guttersnipe so here's Spike taking the piss out of the Oirish.

He was related, God help him.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Holy Mother.. would yers make the banging go away this morn..

Did yer manage to get your head around the plastic shammies in the square this year?

Whit a load o' shite it truly was.

KAZ said...

Good old Spike.
Were those muslim women in the tug of war? It's OK to mock the Oirish - but you'll probably get a fatwah for that.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm sitting all virtuous and sober this morning. Which is merely for the want of trying.

EmmaK said...

Very funny ....
I'm wondering, do you know why the English don't make fun of the Scots that much? I suppose Scots aren't inherently ridiculous or summat?

Tessa said...

Crap, why didn't I see this on Paddy's Day? It would have made the whole miserable business pass so much easier. Like castor oil.