Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pop Will Eat Itself

I saved feverishly until the Saturday when I handed over the cash for the gate fold sleeve LP. The bus saw the unveiling, the first scan of the lyrics and sleeve notes; a prelude to the consummation almost carnal in intensity when the stylus hit the groove.

Then along came CD, followed by Mindisc and the bewildering MP3napstertwaddle. The joy afforded by the physical artefact was replaced by mundane file sharing, the storage of 1000's of songs on an iPod. Something got lost along the way. Shelves were no longer filled with alphabetically arranged (if you were anal) LP's, a quick scan of which could instantly appraise you of someone's musical taste, or lack thereof. A spine containing the words 'Duran Duran' or 'Top of the Pops Volume 19' was a clear indication that the person was a clueless numptie and best avoided.

I'm not a total Luddite though, and have embraced spotify. Music now exists in the ether, is available instantly, and streams free of charge. I may miss album sleeves, which in some cases were works of art in their own right, but I'm more than happy not to have to pay for what I consume.

Will I be streaming the preview of the new U2 album? You betcha I won't.


Madame DeFarge said...

I have joined the legions of digital downloaders (legal, naturally), but I still enjoy sweaty palm on CD. I too classified people by their music collections and still indulge in mutual iPod browsing with chums. Their taste is inevitably horrendous, with peculiar ambient chill sounds.

I would cheerfully erase U2 from the face of the planet.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I remember my faither taking me down to MFI to look at their new exciting 'white range' of bedroom furniture.

The deciding factor for me was that the shelves were just wide enough to hold the 100 or so albums I had in my collection.

The new album always got pride of place at the front.

Them's were the days..

Emerson Marks said...

I remember I used to by tapes from Ourprice, cos they were a bit cheaper than CDs. Feel like a bit of a knob head now as they're totally erroneous. Although it was always nice to get a compilation tape from one of your pals.

Peevish McSnark said...

Duran Duran was the pinnacle of artistic genius in the 80s, Garfy. Only a complete numptie wouldn't recognize that patent fact.

I've saved my vinyl, even though I no longer possess the equipment on which to play it.

U2 were always a bunch of twats to me. Even in the 80s. Pretentious poseurs.

KAZ said...

It was the saving up that made the purchase so exciting - as well as the shape and beauty of the product.
Reading sleeve notes was also vital as a sort of foreplay.

Mopsa said...

How I loved/still love new boots and panties - I'd gawk at the cover for ages - so much to look at, so much to absorb. And I sing the songs to the pigs frequently.

garfer said...

Madame DeFarge

A fellow U2 despiser. We must commune.


I didn't think Glasgae folk had bedrooms back in them days. I thought they all slept in the coal cellar.


'Home taping is killing music'. Obviously bollocks as they're giving it away free now.


A French speaker and a Duranie! Dear God, will I never be set free.


The worst bit was the sneering expression on the 'I'm cool and you're a wanker' sales assistant's face.

You had to get over that.


I don't think Ian included pork products in 'Reasons to be cheerful part 3'. Perhaps you should make up some lyrics of your own and sing them to the oinkers.

MJ said...

Are your old Val Doonican albums available on Spotify?

EmmaK said...

lol I don't even know how to stream an album

I agree with DeFarge, U2 should be erased. Also The Rolling Stones

Bring back vinyl all is forgiven

Betty said...

I noticed that in the original version of this post that came up on Bloglines you were more insulting about U2 than in this version.

One can never insult U2 too much.

garfer said...


Indeed MJ, and there are some very tasty alternate takes of the seminal 'Paddy Maginty's Goat'.


The Rolling Stones are becoming progressively more embarrassing. I'm convinced their heads are expanding as the rest of their body shrinks.


That was a vodka influenced rant about pompous pontificating Oirish shortarses in leather trousers and twat bobble hat wearing guitarists.

"Dis is nat a rebel song!"

Oh, just fuck off.

Arabella said...

I agree with Kaz, saving up made it feel like a real treat.
I worry about all this "free" stuff; I think if someone has done a good job and produced something lovely then they should be paid for it.
Unless they want to barter it for something I have; I'll always do a swap.

garfer said...


I suggest you knit a willy warmer for Van Morrison.

Arabella said...

And receive what exactly in return? Oh hang on....that's disgusting. Gags.

garfer said...

I'm sure Van would happily send you the master tapes for Astral Weeks as long as you included some ginger in the willy warmer.

He's very keen on colour coordination.

Mopsa said...

I have a heap of blogposts titled reasons to be cheerful - I think I'm up to no. 8. Will think of appropriate porcine verses.