Monday, August 03, 2009

Bright Bright New Shiny Hole in my Heart

Little black dresses and gin and tonic.

It is me you want my darling, or is it my money?


Jimmy Bastard said...

There is no better mistress than that of the Whyte & Mackay.

I've kept you a place at the bar pal.

KAZ said...

I notice you chose to write the crap poem about Gin and Tonic over at my place.
Not good enough for 'Tunnocks Tea Cakes' eh?

MJ said...

Just buy me a drink, you cheapskate.

garfer said...


I try and avoid Scotch, it makes me belligerent.


Crap poem? Surely not? Just an example of Noel Gallagher's lyrical genius.


Certainly. Just as long as you don't expect me to pay for your little black dresses and Jimmy Choos as well.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Perhaps she's after your teacakes!

I've just found the love of my life after many years of loneliness and let downs and am trying hard to deserve this luck and encourage it to stay. Touchingly he turns out to be just as worried about not being worthy of and losing me! I think I loved him even more when he told me that.

A famous actor recently said on Desert Island Discs that there's a number of people you can live with in this life, but very few people you can't live without so if you've found one of those, you know it's the real thing.

I think he has a point.

Anonymous said...

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