Thursday, August 20, 2009

Social Networking

I refuse.

Do I want to Twitter like an incontinent thrush? Do I want to reacquaint myself (via Facetwat) with Nigel from the Upper 6th who went into banking because "it's a nice safe job with a decent pension"?. Do I want to hear about how many sprogs Emily (14) has dropped on Bebo?


To be honest I'd prefer to stuff my head up Barack Obama's wife and discuss health care, gun control, and how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

This is why I stick with Blogger. I can spout shite anonymously and intermittently, while posting a youtube vid which nobody will watch:

It's a hard life on the croft.


MJ said...

To be honest, I'd prefer to watch a YouTube of you stuffing your head up Barack Obama's wife than to FaceTwat with you.

KAZ said...

'Spout shite anonymously'
But you're not anonymous - you're Garfer. :)

Betty said...

On the contrary, I like me a bit of Fleetwood Mac, particularly The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Wotsit).

Bollocks to social networking. I only Twitter because I want to frighten people.

EmmaK said...

you can make up a twitter identity like Sourpuss and be rude and obnoxious too you know

pissoff said...

Thank you Garfer.... Thank you. I have a facebook page but I fucking hate it. I don't have any desire to catch up with Suzie or David from highschool. I would rather pull out my toenails while being eaten alive by a horde of rats (and I hate rats).

garfer said...

We must be cut from the same crooked timber April.

Warp away, it's the only solution to this hideousness.

Apart from booze and birds, obviously.