Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Hey What Can you Do?

The JAMC have remarkable match making powers. Modern music is rubbish anyway, as the woeful Kasabian and the intellectually challenged Gallaghers (Mancunian Micks having a tiff) will testify.

We could have reconnected with a little Val Doonican night music, or some hardcore Smurfs, but we settled for this:

Why do I always end up crashing in the same car?


KAZ said...

If The Gallaghers are 'modern' does this mean I'm trendy?
Ans - not if you say trendy you aren't.

MJ said...

Kasabian...named after a Manson Family member.

No thanks.

EmmaK said...

I feel quite with it because at least I have heard of TJAMC not that I like them much

The Gallaghers are still touring and Liam now has an exclusive fashion company that produces baggy kecks at $200 a pop