Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leather Trousers

I've never worn them, and never intend to. It's odd that leather jackets look good on everyone (apart from bondage sex dwarves) but leather trousers exclaim DICKHEAD in stentorian tones. The only people who wear them are beardy motorcycling homosexualists who like to congregate outside country pubs and drink pints of orange juice.

Only two people have, to my knowledge, worn leather keks successfully.

Here's one:

And here's the other:

I think I'll stick to my lederhosen shorts. They go down a treat with the ladies.

It's oom pah pah all round with Eva Braun every night I can tell you.


Betty said...

Once I saw a large group of elderly men wearing lederhosen in an Austrian motorway service station car park. I've never recovered from the emotional trauma.

1968 TV Special comeback Elvis. Mmm, that's better ...

KAZ said...

Have you noticed how actresses (female actors) having a mid life career crisis always wear them on Jonathan Ross?

MJ said...

THESE are the ultimate in lederhosen.

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