Friday, September 18, 2009

Paul Weller Swears

Me barnet is looking well tasty and some cunt calls me a musical reactionary! I've been paying attention to me threads and have sussed out a pair of strides with a tasty little flare when this cunt questions me East End credentials. I come from fucking Woking mate, which is the next best fucking thing.

See this fucking credit crunch, it's all fucking Thatcher's fault. Bitch should be shot for doing in the honest hard working British working class which I did me fucking best to represent at the grindstone that was the Style Council.

Anyway, I'm a Changing Man so I'm off to listen to some Ocean Colour Scene with Noel Gallagher. Top fookin' Northern bloke. Likes his fags and likes discussing the mod culture which is me:


EmmaK said...

re that video ...Were people more beautiful in the sixties or what? was it down to taking psychadelic drugs or simply black and white photography?

KAZ said...

Oh dear Garfer - I really do try not to be nostalgic for my youth. But how can I help it if you post videos like that one.
Morgan a suitable case for treatment, Steve Marriott and Twiggy without an M&S cardi.

MJ said...

KAZ: Coincidentally, today is Twiggy’s 60th birthday.

Betty said...

In the space of about eighteen months the kid next door to us has progressed from being a boy who played table tennis all the time in the back garden to being a lanky streak of piss emo to being a Weller lookalike with a moped parked outside. How many mod revivals have there been?

garfer said...


Some people were beautiful but most wore flat caps and kept ferrets.


Steve Marriot was grossly underrated. Five foot nothing with one of the great white soul voices.


Mod is a state of mind. There is a need for clean living in difficult circumstances during recessions.