Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seamus Heaney Speaks


Bog watered Myrtle seeps into
the limpid pool of conciousness
as Mammy sweeps the hearth and
griddles my memories,

On that old kerneled stone carved
from CĂșchulainn's inner thigh and
ossified where rushes breed
and barley falls to wasted seed,

I see a crop of hatreds, bred
amongst adopted convivialities,
where weeds and rushes are whacked,
and I'm damned if I look back.

Seamus Famous

Will that do?


MJ said...

Funny you should mention him as Stepping Stones is on my reading list.

garfer said...

You should be reading the collected works of Oral Roberts, the famed Southern preacher.

He gave good sermon.