Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I tried it for a bit, and then I gave up.

Imagine having to get up every day and feel invigorated. Personally I have no desire to be vigorated by an in when I can quite happily go about my ennui laden existence. It's not as though I haven't worked in the past (briefly and unenthusiastically), it's just that I'm not cut out for it.

I fear that the collapse of the Protestant work ethic should be laid at my door. And who can you find to hang a door competently these days, apart from a Pole?

Not me.

I could cockle pick while quoting Sammy Beckett, or liberate rain drenched blackberrys in the company of Doddy, but to be honest I'd prefer to have a bit of a lie down and contemplate the transience of all affections and the dying fall.

Perhaps I'll become a Fitzrovian again. It could be a Passport to Pimlico.


Jimmy Bastard said...

I'm having great difficulty in seeing you as a typical Burgundian for some reason. Besides.. the pubs this end already stay open 24/7.

I wish you would stop visiting Auld Reekie, you always come back with some very strange ideas. It must be the pish that they serve on tap over there.

Mopsa said...

Please. Share. How do you survive without working? That's the answer to the question I've wanted to know all my life. Even here down on't produce-as-much-of-our-own-stuff-as possible-farm it's impossible to pay council tax and fuel bills etc with lamb or spuds or eggs.

Betty said...

I can't seen any advantages to the Protestant work ethic either. People who have to work nine to five certainly don't feel invigorated every morning unless they have lots of underlings to bully and earn money for them.

Oh, why wasn't I born into minor royalty? I could just lie around on yachts or have my own island to escape to ...

garfer said...


Nobody in Govan works (officially) either, thanks to Thatcher.


Rentier Capitalism is what you want Mopsa. You'd hate yourself but there would be no more mucking out pigsties, although I suppose that must be spiritually uplifting in a bucolic kind of way.


Fear not. You will be Paris Hilton in your next life, or a groupie.

Madame DeFarge said...

Become a kept ma. Kept by whom may be a subject of debate, but it has an appeal surely?

garfer said...


'A kept ma'?

I haven't been kept by one of those for a long time. I like 'Sugar Mamas' though, as John Lee Hooker once opined.

crazyrivergirl said...

You sound just like my son.
ARE you my son???

garfer said...


I just avoid it as I'm allergic.