Wednesday, December 02, 2009



Middle class.

Dreams of fair to middling women.

Ireland has made me: I'm a weird melange of Ulster Presbyterian and Anglo Irish. My father read Darwin's 'Evolution of the Species' in Edinburgh and promptly ceased to wear his collar the wrong way round. He met my mother; a result of a schism in the mid 19th Century when half of the family eschewed the big house for the Quakers, plainness, and philanthropy.

So I'm a Quaker in spirit, if not always in application. I like them because they will allow no idea, creed, or King to interfere. It's always worth calling at a Friends Meeting House, if only to start a fight.

Neither one thing or the other; open. There are worse things to be.


KAZ said...

I've been to a few Quaker meetings in my time (boyfriend).
They were almost exclusively attended by the middle class.
Pity really as it's a good concept.

Anonymous said...

Just chat...................................................

MJ said...

What about the hermaphrodites, donkeys, and ferrets in your lineage?

Arabella said...

That sounds like an interesting schism (much nicer than the one pending)- you might get a book out of it.

Tim Footman said...

I went to a Quaker/Jewish wedding once. Not a set-up for a joke, I just did.

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm never going to be quiet enough to be a Quaker. I chunter too much.

garfer said...


Quaker boyfriends are the best. They wear lentil sandals, avoid fisticuffs, and have substantial share holdings in Cadbury.

You missed out big time.


We're a mongrel people.


A pending book on schisms? I like the twang of your Texan home boy harmonica.


I don't believe you. Come to think of it, I do.


At least you don't chunder too much.

Unless you've been at the Buckfast and the Cheesey Wotsits.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Quaker huh? That explains the cheesecloth and the corduroy.

FirstNations said...

I've always liked their oats. The man on the box seems friendly. I like his hat. I like his hair. I like his floppy bow-tie thing that he wears too. I wish I knew the Quaker Oats man in real life. I'll bet he has a dick like a fireplug.

Peevish McSnark said...

I went to a Quaker school from kindergarten to graduation. It's a decent religion, as far as religions go.