Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Why do people insist on enunciating?

You don't enunciate poetry, you read it. Why oh why is nobody aware of this fact? If I come across another fuckwit YouTube interpretation I will throw myself off the Clifton Suspension Bridge and float downstream merrily.

This idiot is all over YouTube enunciating in a ridiculous fashion. It wouldn't be so bad if his intentions were comedic, unfortunately this is not the case. He is deadly serious and sometimes declaims while starring dolefully into his web cam. Will somebody Stateside please shoot him.

Then there are the twats who animate famous poets mouths. Dylan Thomas on Botox anybody? Not bleedin' likely.

And then they add music, which is just plain wrong:

No, no, no , no. You must die.

It's official, I give up.


Arabella said...

Shoot them at dawn. Someone. Please.

I had a hugely entertaining old LP of Dylan Thomas and Edith Sitwell reading their poems. Eventually, though, I used it mainly for clearing the room at the end of a party.

MJ said...


KAZ said...

Excellent point.
Talking of poetry, did you see Stuart Maconie on Celebrity Mastermind?
What a star.

EmmaK said...

what you need is a partial lobotomy - you are too smart and too sensitive. If you cut out half of your brain you'd be chav-silly and not be bothered about anything and excited that your lady partner had skin the texture of corned beef.