Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ridicule is Nothing to be Scared of.

I find the furore surrounding the publication by a Danish newspaper of cartoons lampooning Mohammed mystifying.

Freedom of expression and speech is one of the bedrocks of western societies; a bequest from the Judaic/Christian heritage that, not withstanding the decline in religious belief, still informs our culture. I don’t see that there is anything to apologise for. If we appease Muslim intolerance on as basic an issue as this we might as well shut up shop and hang the Crescent flag over Downing Street.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see much that is admirable about Muslim cultures. They are dictatorial regimes that repress women, stifle free speech, and treat non Muslim populations as second class citizens. A culture that has experienced neither a Reformation nor a Renaissance is in no position to lecture western societies on civilized values.

The Danes are a peaceable lot, and I find the sight of Muslim fanatics burning down their embassies stomach churning. The nutters should have a hard look at the prosperous, harmonious society that the Danes have created. If they compare the wealth and success of this prosperous democracy with the likes of Syria they should be well aware of the utter failure of their culture.

I think it’s about time that we stopped apologising to fanatics in the name of tolerance. What we are actually doing is appeasing people with a medieval mind set. These peoples only goal is the destruction of our societies and way of life. If we don’t draw a line in the sand we’ll just end up driving people into the arms of the vile Nick Griffin and his racist cohorts in the British National Party.


funny thing said...

Anyone know where I can buy some Danish products??

Just to make it that bit harder... I'm a veggie so Bacon's out the question.

Block of resin? :)

garfer said...

How about a Danish pastry (baked in Basingstoke).

Danes are like the Belgians, it's impossible to name ten famous Danes.

Sniffy said...

Absolutely. And it's about time all European and Western governments came out in support of Denmark. Jack Straw is a fucking traitor to democracy and he should resign, as should Ian fucking Blair for not insisting that those evil cunts who protested with threats of terrorism (faces covered as usual) were not arrested on the spot and given a good hard kicking.

We in the west must stand firm against these bully-boy fucking lunatics. I've had enough of them.

Fuck it, if those nations want a war with the West, let's fucking have one and kick their sorry arses into the 21st century or into oblivion.

How about some nice Lurpak?

garfer said...

Those protestors were nihilists masquerading as devout muslims.

They worship death and have to be defeated.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Stone them, I say!

Convict said...

Don't you ever
Don't you ever
Lower yourself
Forgetting all your standards ...

garfer said...

Stonings too good for 'em.

Make 'em listen to James Blunt I say.

frobisher said...

As a protest I will no longer be smoking Afghani Black or Lebanese Red hash any more. That'll teach em!

Wyndham said...

Kyahgirl said...

I think the hallmark of the religious fanatics who get into the news is their extreme intolerance. I don't know how to end it. War obviously isn't the answer.

I do know some really nice Muslims. Our family doc and his wife, the kids doc are Muslims from North Africa. They are as baffled by the behaviour of these fanatics as much as we are.

I don't give a shit who anyone wants to worship-just don't shove it down my throat. I see that religion 'works' for a lot of people and wouldn't want to deny them that, but when they start hurting people (gays, women) in the name of their religion it makes me ill. How do you stop it though? Coming from a war torn part of the world, what are your thoughts garfer?

S.I.D. said...

I love them there Great Danes hey.

Big bastards.

Isnt Sandi Tovstig or whatever her name is Danish?

I would like to see her on a Great Dane. 2 Danes for the price of 1.

Fuckkit said...

Well said, mate :)

Faltanus said...

well said....

damn it! fuckkit got here before me.

but i agree 100%