Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm in the Mood for Dancing

My hayfever kicked off rather badly this year so I asked my GP for some anti-histamines. They were very effective, especially when combined with vodka and coke. They also had the strange side effect of giving me vivid dreams.

Vivid dreams usually involve unlikely sexual gymnastics, or morbid premonitions of impending death. I suppose its got summat to do with the sex and death nexus. Mine were no exception, and I woke with a serious case of the night sweats on a number of occasions.

I had one recurring dream (nightmare) involving group sex with the Nolan sisters and a troupe of depraved performing dwarves. God knows what suppressed traumas lurk in my past to explain such bizarre dreams. It's not as though I've ever taken LSD, or fought off kiddie fiddlers during my tender years.

I think I'll consult my mate Caitlin. She has a degree in geography and psychology, so she's a past master at finding her way around her own head.

I just hope she can help with mine.


pissoff said...

It could have been worse Garfer, you could have been having a threesome with Cliff Richards involved.

garfer said...

Cliff Richard and Miss Dolly Parton.

Now that really would be something
for Dr freud to ponder.

jungle jane said...

Surely you shouldn't be snorting coke if you have hayfever??

garfer said...

Crack actually. The rocks rock.

S.I.D. said...

I would suggest that your sexualised dreams come from their greatest hit "I'm in the nude for dancing"?

Sniffy said...

Who wouldn't want sex with the Nolans? They're honeys!

April's right, at least Cliff wasn't there too. Or was he? Is there something you aren't telling us?

pissoff said...

On second thoughts Garfer, at least it wasn't Cliff Richards and Keith Richards. Then you'd really have something to worry about.

First Nations said...

..or King Richard III.

*taking the moral high road and avoiding all plays on the 'hump' issue*