Wednesday, September 03, 2008





Apparently Canucks like to pig out on macaroni cheese. This is a strong point in their favour, but one completely counter weighed by their inexplicable liking for the ghastly poutine.

I can't bring myself to post a photo of this foul foodstuff, and I definitely won't be emigrating any time soon.


pissoff said...

I can't say poutine really does anything for me. I don't mind the odd chips and gravy though.

garfer said...

We have chips and curry sauce. The curry sauce must be thick enough for the plastic fork to stand upright unaided.

It is simultaneously disgusting and delicious.

MJ said...

How dare you!

Poutine is the holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

garfer said...

Invented by Frenchie Canucks.

Bomb Quebec.

MJ said...

I'll be moving back east next year and making trips as often as possible to Quebec.

For your benefit, I'll be sure to post photo essays on my blog.

garfer said...

Vive la France! Vive la Quebec!

Vive la frostbite!

Buy some longjohns.

KAZ said...

Now that does look delicious and no animals were hurt in its manufacture.

But why are the tins at the top nearly 4 euros and those at the bottom only 89p?

You don't know do you?

garfer said...

The top shelf is low fat organic non genetically engineered mac cheese for sale to Euro enthusiast Grauniad readers.

These people have more money than sense and will pay top dollar for anything with a faint whiff of cheesecloth and Ken Livingstone.

That's the explanation, so there.

Anonymous said...

Your "Vive la...." comment should be set to music. A nice roundel.

Peevish McSnark said...

Funny you should post this today - I'm making Mac & Cheese for dinner this Friday. I make mine from a lovely bechamel, to which I add a delicious aged cheddar. I add cubed ham to my macaroni, slather it richly in the cheese sauce, and bake it until it's browned & bubbly.

Poutine? Never touch the stuff. Gravy does not belong on chips. End of story.

pissoff said...

Our local Wing's Cafe used to be the Chip and Gravy shrine of Vancouver Island. If the Chinese say chips go with gravy, who am I to argue?

garfer said...


perhaps I shall express myself through haiku in future. Apparently it's all the rage.


I add garlic to mine, but then I add garlic to everything.


If Wings say gravy rules it rules. You don't argue with the Chinese.

EmmaK said...

goodness me no! that poutine looks like sheeps intestines.

I like chips and mushy peas myself.

garfer said...

I'm convinced that mushy peas are radioactive, but I still scoff 'em.