Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miscellaneous Pleasures

In no particular order:

* An artfully crafted and hand rolled cheroot containing choice Virginia tobaccy.

* The Fender Telecaster

Go on, whack that plank. You know you want to.

* A poke of chips

Fuck off, they're mine.

* Glenmorangie

Imbibeable (which deserves to be a word).

* Cheesy Wotsits

They might smell like your Granddad's underpants, but they're very moreish.


MJ said...

You're hopped up on Cheesy Wotsits right now, aren't you?

*grabs Glenmorangie bottle and makes a run for the exit*

MJ said...

Note that we both spoke of Cheesy Wotsits today in our posts.

I think we've bonded.

Sniffy said...

Cheesy Wotsits are so bad they're good.

Glenmorangie is on offer at Morrison's.

Chips are lovely, but my local chippy is shit.

I tried a roll-your-own fag or two recently, they were OK, but I'm not very good at rolling so I'll stick to Marlboro Lights until they kill me. Or until the end of days kills us all.

garfer said...


I can't imagine bonding over a packet of Cheesy Wotsits, but I readily accept that a meeting of minds may be possible where Mr Porky's Original (with hairs on) Scratchings are concerned.


If you must smoke those vile cork tipped ready rolled varieties of fag then I suggest you try some Camel soft pack. If you're gonna croak you might as well look cool doing so.

Sniffy said...

I tried Camel lights when I was a student, smoked them quite a bit, but always preferred Marlboro (red back then).

KAZ said...

We know you only want that baccy cos it was rolled on MJ's thighs.

FirstNations said...

i honed my skinning skills sneaking smokes out of my dads Bugle Boy! and OH MY GOD was that stuff rank. spit? like a camel, for about an hour afterwards. after that, dank weren't no thang, homes.

and face it, we all know what you REALLY have in that pouch, son.

EmmaK said...

you've got me all excited now, I really want to get my hands on your cheesy wotsits

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