Friday, November 18, 2005

Dance With a Stranger

Following on from my last post expressing contempt for the acting profession in general, I will now proceed to undermine my argument by lauding one particular thespian.

Frankly I’m amazed that Miranda Richardson has never won an Oscar. She’s probably the most talented British actress to emerge since the war. I suppose it’s because she’s never been particularly interested in following the Hollywood route to fame and fortune. She was first choice for the role of the bunny boiler in ‘Fatal Attraction’, but turned it down because she didn’t approve of the way it portrayed women. Had she accepted, I’m sure she would have been much more convincing than Glenn Close, and garnered accolades as a consequence.

For me, her finest role was Ruth Ellis in ‘Dance with a Stranger’. She perfectly captured the brittle desperation of a woman yearning for the glamour and lifestyle from which her class debarred her. The film in general is a perfect portrayal of the seedy world of post war London nightlife, with its cast of aristocratic ne’er do wells and venal, cynical club owners. Richardson managed to convey the inexorable mental collapse of Ellis that ended with the murder of her lover.

Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain. The subsequent public outcry did much to bring about the abolition of the death penalty in Britain.

Richardson will be appearing as the vampish journalist Rita Skeeter in the new Harry Potter movie. I can’t conceive of anyone better for the role.


Sniffy said...

Talented without a doubt and her great versatility is an important part of this. Remember her "Queenie" in Blackadder the Second? Comic genius that sits effortlessly with her ability to produce some wonderful dramatic performances.

Good choice. Talented with integrity. That's what we like.

garfer said...

Crikey! A comment.
My posts are not very inspired at the moment. Methinks I'm stuck in a bit of a rut.
Richardson is also quite fanciable. I wonder if her toes are as odd as Uma's.

tazzy said...

Totally agree with ya both.

Loved Ms Richardson in Blackadder II and what a cracking film 'Dance With a Stranger' is.

I bow my head to Garfer for this cracking post on Ms Richardson. Whilst doing so I notice that Garfer's fly hole is open and bow down closer for a look at his manhood witch is slightly hanging out of his zip!

garfer said...

I take it you and Piggy shall be modelling the elf shorts? Your enthusiasm in producing tasteful captions should ensure an easy victory

Sniffy said...

A compliment from one of those men Garfer, you certainly hit a cord with that one. Well done!

So long as you keep throwing in the odd Ulster fry, we'll all be happy.

suburban wonder said...

She displays amazing versatility. I like her immensely.

Harry Potter opens here tonight. I guess I'll be waiting another week or so until the crazed throng clears out. Anyone hear a review yet?

pissoff said...

What was that Bronwen? The crazed thong? You dirty little bitch you.

garfer said...

Thongs for that pissoff.

Wyndham said...

I walk pretty regularly past the pub where Ellis did for that feller. The bullet-holes have been kept there ever since.

garfer said...

He was a prize bastard. I can't help thinking he was the author of his own misfortune.

Rowan said...

Yes, she was quite great in the role of the reporter...I also enjoyed her in every film I've seen her in, I'm surprised she's not more famous really.