Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Truth is Out There

Maybe it’s just me, but there does seem to be something distinctly odd looking about Stella McCartney. I suppose some people might think she has a cute peach shaped face with a dinky little nose. Personally I think she resembles one of those little ‘grey’ aliens that used to pop up on the X Files from time to time. As she is one of the progeny of Paul ‘Frog’s Chorus’ McCartney and Linda ‘beanburger’ McCartney, I suppose it would be too much to expect her to look normal.

I’ve got nothing against the girl on a personal basis; it’s just that’s she’s a member of the fashionista, probably the most irritating bunch of poseurs on the face of the planet.
These people aren’t talented tailors, oh no, they are ‘artistes’ whose creations are on a par with anything the world of fine art can produce. How else could they possibly justify charging £1,000 for a frilly blouse?

Most of the male fashion designers are in serious need of a good slapping. Jean Paul Gaultier is a repulsive dwarf who deserves to be taken round the back of a bus shelter and given a good kicking. Calvin Klein should be pushed out of the emergency exit at 30,000 feet on the next first class flight he takes from New York to London.

I don’t buy my clothes at a charity shop, and I do appreciate a bit of good tailoring (or would if I could afford it), but I will never blow cash on designer label fashion in which I will look a complete twat.

Style’s got nothing to do with fashion. Some people have it, some people don’t. I don’t, and I don’t really care. Albert Einstein used to wear the same clothes every day: he had an identical outfit hanging in his wardrobe for each day of the week. That way he didn’t have to think about what he would wear tomorrow. Now that’s what I call genius.


Sniffy said...

I wear my hoodie every day ;)

I don't get fashion, never have. Like you, I appreciate simple, good tailoring and plain-ness. Can't be doing with fancy frills and unnecessary detail. Ask any Marks's customer where they'd been going wrong and they'll tell you that they'd just make things a bit too fussy.

BigDov said...

If you believe gossip, the fashionista do all get together to have massive sex and drug parties, so they be all bad?

frobisher said...

You can buy fashion but you can't buy style. And apparently Stella is spectacularly untalented - just a "face" or should that be a "name".

Wyndham said...

Ah, Stella, she may be a beautifully talent fashionista for all i know, but I'm sure the McCartney name just might have helped her in the business.

MHN for short said...

Style’s got nothing to do with fashion. Some people have it, some people don’t.

Ain't that the truth!!!

You can dress with pinache and only have spent $25-35.

On the other hand, look at Paris Hilton and her ilk, they spend thousands on one dress and go about looking like street walkers.

surly girl said...

i can't bear stella mccartney. i might be biased tho - based on my loathing of "wacky", please-shut-up-now-and-stop-making-records macca and his gurning, publicity-seeking, one-legged wife who is so abhorrent that she makes linda mccartney not so bad by comparison (mainly by virtue of being dead).

i don't like anyone much, do i?

Aginoth said...

Have you seen the god awful bloody advert ms.Macartney has on TV atm...yikes

Rowan said...

Never seen her before, but am slightly put off in that I think I look quite a bit like her (at least in this photo) basic shape of face, hair, eyes...oh god! You all then must think I'm horrid too.Wait a min, why else would I make friends by being online...duh!

Sniffy said...

where's he gone again?