Friday, December 16, 2005


Some gormless fuckwit weird beard ecofascist was on the radio this morning moaning that the people who drape the exterior of their houses in Christmas lights are draining precious power from the national grid.

Presumably we can expect the arctic ice cap to melt instantly if this scandalous behaviour is allowed to continue. What the eco warrior has omitted to mention is that we produce a surplus of electricity during the night. All the factories and offices are closed, and most vibrators are battery powered. Electricity can’t be stored: if we don’t use it we lose it. That’s why some hydro electric power stations pump millions of gallons of water up to the top of the dam overnight.

As far as I’m concerned, people who are devoid of taste deserve a good kicking; but I’m damned if I’ll allow global warming to be used as the reason.


Rainypete said...

You'll be happy to know that upon reading this post, I have gone out side and plugged in 7 additional strands of lighting spelling out "hippies suck".

garfer said...

An admirable gesture rainypete.
I am convinced that a few ecoweirdos attached to the mains would make a wonderful nightime display.

Sniffy said...

They'll be asking the highways agency to turn of road and motorway lighting next.

I get fucked off when these tasteless twats have their Christmas lights on ALL night and they're shining through the bedroom window. But living on a pretty dark street, these things actually provide some welcome light to see yourself down the front path by.

Eco-schmeko. They'd have us all living in frigging caves or in tents in muddy fields if they had their way. They need to get a proper job.

garfer said...

I've got an eco nut neighbour. Perhaps I should buy a car sith a stonking big V8 that does 12mpg.

Then again, he does come in hady when my PC blows a gasket.

One can but dream.

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