Friday, September 30, 2005

Car Park Attendants.

Why do all car park attendants have to be retarded, power crazed wankers?
Only someone with megalomaniac tendencies could possibly be attracted by a job that requires a quasi militia uniform, and a charter to terrorize innocent shoppers going about their legitimate business.

All these busybody uniformed tossers have one thing in common: they are too thick to get into the police. Now everyone knows that policemen are generally a bit dim; but this lot really are seriously deficient in grey matter.

I’m sure that there are more of them about these days. Even my local supermarket has introduced inspectors to enforce a two hour maximum parking period. The bastards clearly aren’t happy to have relieved me of £100 plus each week for the last ten years; now they want to screw me for £50, just if I overstay their allotted parking period by five minutes. Wankers.

The council inspectors are even worse. They can report you for having an out of date tax disc. Why should that be any of their bloody business: they’re not employed by the government?

There should be some sort of law to stop fuckwit thickos being employed in a capacity were they can ruin someone’s day. If they want a job with a uniform why don’t they join the Fire Service. With any luck their limited intelligence would ensure that they died a slow scorching death in a tower block inferno.

You don’t want to get me started on ‘park and ride’ schemes.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Yay! I'm first!


I once got arrested for 'assaulting' a traffic warden - I stuffed the ticket in his pocket and told him to wipe his arse with it. On to the radio he went and within 3 seconds, the police were there arresting me for assault. The wankers. Both of them.

garfer said...

Edinburgh traffic wardens are known as 'The Blue Meanies'.
Actually traffic wardens are much worse than car park attendants. They are beings motivated by pure and unmitigated evil.

S.I.D. said...

These guys are fucking filled with delusions of grandeur. There is a car park near me and the guy sits in his little nazis sentry box with a pair of fucking binoculars!! Wanker

Sniffy said...

Delusions of adequacy more like.

In Rusholme, they pootle about on their scooters and come and knock on your car window if you happen to take a phonecall on your mobile between parking up and getting the pay and display ticket - even though it's a flat rate.

Something goes terrible wrong with people as soon as they're made to wear day-glo and a peaked cap.

Rowan said...

thank god we don't have too many aside from at theme parks and such, but yes, they think there job is mighty important! Damn. Minimum wage for maximum losers.

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